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lovespell616's Journal

Britt <3
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Hey, well somehow you stumbled across my info page. Here is a little info about me. My name is Brittany Ann Nicole. I am 15 years old and a sopahmore at Bishop Hoban High. My natural color hair is dark brown but right now it is blonde with brown low-lights. I have awesome eyes they change from brown to green and when the change to brown they have little green dots in them. I live in Pa. I am in love with my amazing boyfriend Eric. My favorite color is pink. I am very outgoing, fun, friendly, loud, and awesome. I dont care what other people think about me, people talk what am I going to do about it. Im very confident. I'm very content with myself and love being me. I am very much of a girly girl. I wear makeup, love expensive things, get my hair done like every other week, get my nails done, and get pedicures. I take sooo long to get ready usually like 3 hours. I change outfits like 4 times a day. I have a fetish with purses, sunglasses, and flipflops. I am very much of a drama qween. Im a very spoiled girl, but thats not my fault. I always have to get my way and if I dont theres hell to pay. Im materialistic to a point. I love dancing, modeling, painting, and working out. I hate camping and bugs. I love the band Something Corporate! My favorite movie ever is The Notebook and I do cry everytime I watch it. My favorite TV shows are Desperate House Wives and Laguna Beach. I love shopping! Even if I have my last 100 dollars and theres something I really want ill buy it. I try to live life to the fullest. I love adventures. So if you think you like me then come and find out more about me by adding me to your friends list. <3 MUAH!

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